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Transforming organizations into value delivery machines.

Who we are

The IT Factory is a totally different type of software company, one that believes software development can be as efficient as a manufacturing factory and is laser focused on delivery of value back to the organization. This forms the foundation of our product management software as well as all of our development teams.

At The IT Factory, we operate in an extreme agile environment. We start by utilizing Story Mapping techniques to help define business needs and outcomes that will deliver maximum value to the organization. This happens in a transparent, collaborative environment with ALL team members at the table. As the story map is stabalized, work is performed in alignment with the map, with developers continously demonstrating their work as they progress.

We eliminate anything from our process which does not add value to producing a product, allowing our teams to deliver solutions at a much faster pace than other organizations. Our teams are also fully empowered to make their own decisions.

In The IT Factory, we also follow our own agile process we call Get "Stuff" Done (GSD). This modifies the typical agile Epic-Feature-Story structure. We start at the Product level, break the product into multiple product areas. Product Areas then contain Features which satisfy Business Needs. No more struggling with explaing what an Epic or Story really are, we use logical, business related terms which everyone understands for our process.

Coaching when you need it

The IT Factory's On-Demand Coaching service allows you to get Agile coaching targeted to your specific needs. Whether those needs are helping to align your software development activities with your strategic goals (OKR's), perform an agile assessment or helping to improve under performing teams or on-demand coaching can help you get there.

To get started, scroll down to setup a FREE 30 minute initial cosultation. During this session we will talk about where your orgnization is at today and where you would like to be tomorrow. If there is alignment with what we believe in and we both agree that we can help you get there, then we offer 2 week blocks of coaching time (80 hours). You then have 6 months to utilize the coaching time.

In addition we also offer a virtual roundtable session once a month to all of our clients. These sessions do NOT count against your coaching hours and are totally free. This is also a great opportunity to hear from other clients as well and have open discussions about challenges your organization is facing. For clients in Central Indiana, we also offer a monthly roundtable lunch. Similiar to our virtual roundtable, only these sessions are face-to-face.

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We are offering 10 slots of 80 hours of On-Demand Coaching for $5,000. You will have 6 months to use your hours.

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The Shopfloor@The IT Factory

The Shopfloor@The IT Factory helps you manage all aspects of product development. Everything from developing a roadmap and forecasting dates in realtime, to alignment with strategic goals (OKR's) and financial valuation to Kanban boards. All in a fully integrated ewnvironments, giving you multiple persepctives of the work being done.

The Product pillar is the portfolio of all value delivered to the organization from a product perspective. Roadmaps in the Product Pillar give full view of work to be performed and real-time forecast of the delivery of upcoming items

The Initiative Pillar is the mechanism by which teams deliver value to the organization. This is where both work to be performed and work being considered resides

The Strategy Pillar is where you find the goals of the organization. By aligning Initiatives with Strategic Goals, you can see not only what value is delivered but what value is anticipated to come in the future. Roadmaps in the Strategy Pillar give you an overall view of the delivery of the Startegic Goal across all teaams, products and initiatives.

The Team Pillar is where the work to deliver value to the organization actually gets performed. Teams may perform work on multiple initiatives and products to meet the strategic goals of the organization.

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To join our Beta Testing program, fill out the information at the bottom of this page.

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